Timber harvesting, marketing and logistics

Wood is our daily business. Indeed, we ensure with our services that timber is harvested, marketed and transported to wherever it is currently needed. We accompany the tree from its harvest to marketing of the timber right through to the transport and processing in the saw mill.

We understand ourselves to be a service-oriented partner that values one particular aspect above all others: quality.

For us, quality on the one hand means rapid, timely completion of our orders, and on the other, ensuring processes that are kind both on the timber and the wood stock.

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Our services in overview

Timber harvesting

High-tech equipment and careful forestry techniques – we combine the two. Regardless of the harvesting measures desired, our employees master all processes. With our state-of-the-art machinery and harvesters, we guarantee work processes that are kind on both the timber and the wood stock.

Timber marketing

Close cooperation with major customers in all product ranges means we are able to market all timbers and to achieve attractive revenue that generally exceeds the market price.

Timber transport

Transporting timber hundreds of kilometres safely and rapidly in the shortest of times and delivering it in a timely manner is no small feat. It requires carefully-coordinated logistics and a great deal of experience. Both our fleet of lorries and the national railway network are continuously under way for us all across Bavaria and beyond, and ensure rapid, timely transportation.

Payment guarantee

- Rapid processing
- Transport within 14 days
- Payment within 28 days

Our location

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