Timber marketing with a payment guarantee.

Close cooperation with major customers in all product ranges means we are able to market all timbers and to achieve attractive revenue that generally exceeds the market price.

With our payment guarantee, we also offer a concept that ensures a clear calculation basis. We guarantee collection and payment within a set time frame in this way.

And this means:

  • Maximum of 14 days from processing of the wood to transport.
  • Payment latest 28 days after delivery.

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Payment guarantee

From processing to delivery in max. 14 days. And payment latest 28 days after delivery.

For a close partnership with the forest owners is very important to use, and we want both sides to benefit from the continuous cooperation.

Quality & Sustainability

Both are very important to us, for we understand the importance of nature and the significance of being able to provide the highest quality every day.

Use of state-of-the-art machinery means we are able to guarantee processes that are kind both on the timber and the wood stock. For us, always being at the cutting edge of technology is a basic condition for considerate timber processing. What’s more, our team comprises experienced, excellently-trained employees whose heart beats for the forest, and who perform outstanding work every single day.

Our certification promises you the highest quality standards. For us, quality is not the question but rather the answer.